Harvested on the same day as delivery for maximum freshness


Adare Microgreens is an indoor microgreens farm based in the suburbs of Limerick city.

Our aim is to sustainably provide a healthy, locally grown product that benefits both the people and chefs of Limerick and its surrounding areas.

In case you don't know, microgreens are 1 to 3 week old vegetable/herb seedlings.

Seeds are full of nutrients to help plants get kick-started once they sprout from the seed. The nutrients from the seeds are transferred into the young plants (microgreens). This causes the microreens to have a very high nutrient density. Studies have shown that some microgreens can contain up to 40 times the levels of nutrients as their adult counterpart!

Microgreens provide an easy way to naturally take in a lot of nutrients with a small amount of food.

We offer free delivery every Wednesday for orders over €20. We deliver to anywhere within a 10km radius of Limerick city, or a 5km radius of Adare.

You can also choose to collect your order at The Limerick Milk Market on the next Saturday after your order is placed.

We harvest your microgreens for you on the same day they are delivered, so they are as fresh as you can get.




Broccoli Microgreens are most popular for their incredible health benefits, being a great source of sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane has been proven to reduce the effects of certain cancers.

Broccoli Microgreens also contain up to 40 times the nutritional value as its adult counterpart!

Great in smoothies and on sandwiches.

sunflower 2.jpg



Sunflower Shoot Microgreens are high in vitamins A, B, C and E. They are rich in minerals such as calcium, chlorophyll, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus and potassium. They are also a great source of amino acids.

Sunflower Microgreens have a crunchy, nutty and fresh flavour to them 

Sunflower microgreens are great to compliment a salad, sandwich and they are even great to add their leaves into smoothies.




China Rose Radish Microgreens contain vitamins A, B, C, E and K, they are also rich in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Amino Acids,  and Sodium.

They also contain glucoraphanin, and a variety of enzymes that are currently being studied for their ability to inhibit cancer cell growth.

Along with having  a vibrant pink stem with a deep green leaf, they have a beautiful spicy and floral flavour with a hint of sweetness!

Red rambo.jpg



Red Rambo Radish are highly nutritious, containing vitamins A, B, C, E and K. They are also a rich source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Zinc Amino Acids and Trace Elements.

​Red Rambo Radish has a beautiful red/ purple colour with a spicy and fresh flavour and a crunchy texture.

Pea Shoots Limerick.jpg



Pea Shoot Microgreens have an incredibly sweet, fresh pea flavour which can also be described as a nutty flavour.
Pea Shoots  are great to snack on raw, a highly nutritious snack to keep for on the go.

The incredible nutty/pea flavour is great to compliment any salad, sandwich, stir fry or satay.

salad mix.jpg



The best of all worlds! 

This is a mixture of pea shoots, broccoli, red rambo radish, China rose radish and sunflower microgreens. Perfect if you just want a little of all of them, or you want to try them all out and see what you like.



There are a number of ways you can purchase our microgreens.

1. You can make a once off purchase through our online shop. We offer free delivery every Wednesday for orders over €20. We deliver to anywhere within a 10km radius of Limerick city, or a 5km radius of Adare. If your order is under €20 in value, a €5 delivery charge will be added at checkout.

2. You can sign up to our subscription programme, where we will deliver you the same order of microgreens every week (or bi-weekly). The same delivery conditions as above apply. You can check out the details of the subscription programme here.

3. Through our retail partners. A list of our current retail partners is available further down the page. Fresh deliveries are made to these shops on Wednesdays.

4. At the Limerick Milk Market on Saturdays. We run a stall at The Milk Market every Saturday. Your options are to buy online now in advance, and collect it at the market on Saturday (this guarantees you get exactly what you want) Or just come on down to the market on the day.

Thank you very much for your business.



Our microgreens are stocked in a number of shops throughout Limerick.

Deliveries are made to these shops on Wednesdays.

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We deliver fresh microgreens to restaurants all over Limerick every Wednesday. We also offer a bigger array of microgreen varieties to restaurants. 

To have free samples of our microgreens delivered to your restaurant, please fill out this form, it only takes 1 minute. We will then bring you free samples on the following Wednesday after the form has been filled out.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please email for more information.

Our microgreens are harvested on the same morning as they will be delivered to you. If they are kept refrigerated, their average shelf life is 10 days.

Some of our current restaurant clients can be seen below.

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Adare Microgreens is a modern indoor microgreens farm based in the suburbs of limerick. 

Our aim is to sustainably provide a healthy, locally grown product that benefits both the people and chefs of Limerick and its surrounding areas.

Sustainability and quality are at the heart of what we are about. Our product is very simple, it is organic seeds grown in organic soil for 1 to 3 weeks depending on the variety. There is nothing else added except for water, care and attention!

We grow our microgreens indoors under low wattage grow lights, this enables us to provide a very consistent product all year round.

We are certified organic, and use no fertilisers, pesticides or anything harmful to the environment in the production of our microgreens. We also package our microgreens in compostable packaging.

Adare Microgreens is ran by Brian Faulkner and Stacey Hehir.

Brian has a background in turfgrass management and horticulture. Before starting Adare Microgreens he worked on some of the worlds top golf courses, the last of which was Adare Manor. He holds a degree in horticulture that was gained through Technological University Dublin.

Staceys backround is working in the corporate world, while holding a degree in business studies.