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Adare Microgreens is a modern indoor microgreens farm based in the suburbs of limerick. 

Our aim is to sustainably provide a healthy, locally grown product that benefits both the people and chefs of Limerick and its surrounding areas.

Sustainability and quality are at the heart of what we are about. Our product is very simple, it is organic seeds grown in organic soil for 1 to 3 weeks depending on the variety. There is nothing else added except for water, care and attention!

We grow our microgreens indoors under low wattage grow lights, this enables us to provide a very consistent product all year round.

We are certified organic, and use no fertilisers, pesticides or anything harmful to the environment in the production of our microgreens. We also package our microgreens in compostable packaging.

Adare Microgreens is ran by Brian Faulkner and Stacey Hehir.

Brian has a background in turfgrass management and horticulture. Before starting Adare Microgreens he worked on some of the worlds top golf courses, the last of which was Adare Manor. He holds a degree in horticulture that was gained through Technological University Dublin.

Staceys backround is working in the corporate world, while holding a degree in business studies.

We have a passion for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and growing our own food.

About Us: Our Farm
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